kolam (swimming pond)

While most pools require large amounts of concrete and chemicals, we’ve built a sustainable pool without either.  Instead, we dug a hole, lined it with high density polyethylene which is recycleable after its 60 year life cycle, and use lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which naturally cleanses, filters and oxygenates the water and nurtures beneficial bacteria. A water flow system and high-density polyethylene liner, which can be recycled after 60 years of life, creates a natural pool that does not use chlorine, algaecides or cement.

The result? A harm free green pool, surrounded with large, beautiful stones from the mountains, a rope swing for the Tarzans in your family and deck chairs for the Princesses. Enjoy our unique pool as Nature intended and don’t be afraid if you run into a fish or two. They’re happy to share with you.

While we intend to lower our impact and protect our environment, our surrounding food gardens and our valuable guests from aggressive products, a natural pool comes with its challenges. The natural algae can grow sometimes faster, giving a green colour to our pool. Therefore, in order to maintain our pool the best way, we conduct a deep pool cleaning once a month, emptying it and filling in with regenerated water. It usually takes a full day and our guest are able to swim in new water the following day. We always recommend our guests to enjoy a river side swim during this day, into our new spring fed ponds, reconnecting with the wild nature and experiencing the Balinese way of living. We are doing the pool cleaning monthly on the day of the full moon.
Upcoming pool cleaning days 2017: May 11th,  June 9th,  July 8th,  August 7th, September 5th,  October 7th, November 3th,  December 4th. 
Shall you feel your experience would be affected, we recommend you to check the date of the full moon before planning your stay.  In order to thank all our guests for their support on this day, we offer to all a Balinese Blessing on this day, at sunset time.img_3601