minang house

Minang House is our unique space used for morning yoga, private dinners and special events. Though it isn’t a Balinese design, its story is just as amazing. A Fulbright scholar traveled to the Padang highlands in Sumatra and found the last of the great Minangkabau rumah gadang (large clan house) built from various types of local timber. She measured it exactly, came to us and asked us to create a replica out of sustainable black bamboo from the forests of Java.

The measurements are exact, no wall is straight, no pole is straight. This house was built in 30 days by Ibuku‘s craftsman while the roof took another 60. But as you see it towering each curve of the roof has the exact symmetry of a rising full moon. A place for celebration, a place for special dinners, a place for morning yoga, a place to sit and dream. Also unique is our amazing Minang Harp, installed by sound architect, Rudiger Schodel.

bambu indah minang house yoga venue


Bambu Indah - Minang House at night - Djuna Ivereigh