Traditional Recipes

our food @ dapoer

Our restaurant Dapoer (kitchen) is open from 7am to 10pm and is proud to feature local cuisine prepared with great thought and recipes that have crossed generations.

Dapoer Bambu Indah received 2014 Snail of Approval by complying with Slow Food Bali’s guidelines of using at least 75% Indonesia-produced ingredients, sustainably managing our waste and paying fare wages to our staff. 

Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden

Our team of gardeners, who are led by permaculture experts, plant and harvest traditional Balinese rice, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers throughout the property. Our produce is allowed to ripen on the vine and harvested daily for use in the restaurant and in traditional offerings to the Gods.

To ensure a healthy garden, we use natural fertilizers including compost made from our organic waste. Composting diverts waste from landfills, and helps eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers often used in commercial farms.

Local Produce

While we strive to produce all vegetables and herbs on-site, we still rely on locally produced vegetables, coffees, teas, beers and wines. Local products mean less time in transit, fresher, seasonal and more nutrient-rich foods. Buying local also ensures we support our local economy.

Homemade Delicacies

We’re proud to offer guests homemade dishes, breads, granola, jams, teas and desserts, each carefully made for our guests.

Please let us know if you are celebrating a special occasion, and we will do our best to create a special evening for you.


Breakfast at Bambu Indah is complimentary for Bambu Indah guests and includes a variety of local and international dishes including our homemade bubur bali (Balinese porridge), granola, homemade breads and jams, and the freshest seasonal fruit available.

Afternoon Tea

A complimentary afternoon tea offers guests a taste of local traditional desserts to enjoy while they gaze out at the Bali sunset.