Bambu Indah is a sanctuary space, perched high on the ridge overlooking peaceful rice fields, a place to escape the hassle and bustle of the outside world, and to immerse in deep relaxation, reflection and self-development.

We specialize in hosting a wide variety of retreats, customizing our versatile spaces in accordance with host needs and visions. Recent retreats focused on yoga, relationships, meditation, life coaching, sound healing therapy, textiles workshops, and physical development. We would love to hear your ideas for creating a magical experience for your guests in this very special place, and we look forward to making your dreams a reality.

We offer different packages, from full hotel bookings where guests can enjoy all of the spaces as per their wishes, to personalized room bookings and privatization of only some areas.

Our black bamboo Minang House, for example, is perfect for yoga classes, meetings and workshops.

The maximum occupancy of bedrooms is flexible, but most are designed to easily accommodate two people in a double bed.

Breakfast is included in the house rates.

Please note that group/retreat bookings require a 50% deposit to block the rooms.

We recommend, if possible, that your guests book their rooms with us directly in accordance with their budget. Please do so through our website

Regarding food and drinks, we make delicious daily menus of homegrown and home-cooked fresh produce and specials. We have a la carte menus in our two restaurants, and retreat guests are welcome to choose these options if they wish to. Alternatively we can design family style dinners and buffet banquets for your group to make meals easier and faster for everyone in between sessions and classes. Just let us know your preferences, diet considerations and any allergies, and we will accommodate these for you, taking mealtime decisions out of the equation.

It can be fun to include a welcome dinner and closing dinner in your retreat package, so do let us know if you would like to do this for your guests. We can also arrange activities, outings and blessings for you. Do let us know what you are most interested in for your guests – spirituality, adventure, culture etc. and we will send you our suggestions.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests for a life changing experience in our beloved Bambu Indah home.