the pagoda

The Pagoda

This 4-story pagoda was originally built for John and Cynthia’s two youngest daughters, Carina and Chiara. This house is tucked away from the main public areas, enjoying garden and jungle view, while John and Cynthia Hardy house will be your nearest neighbours!
Built like a magical pagoda, the first 2 levels have bedrooms with full windows on all 4 sides, forest views, and bathrooms on each floor.
The top 2 levels are also surrounded by glass and are playful areas, places to meditate, read, hide or even sleep another individual.  Such configuration is ideal for a family of 4 or a group of friends seeking a splendid getaway.

Room Size: 210 X 360 cm

Bathroom Size: 150 X 360 cm

Mattress Size: 200 X 140 cm


Pagoda 3 Pagoda Bathroom 2nd fl
Pagoda 7 Pagoda 5
Pagoda 2nd flo 3 Pagoda 1st floor bathroom 2
Pagoda 2nd fl Pagoda 2nd fl bathroom
Pagoda 2nd fl 4 Pagoda 2nd fl 2 Pagoda 1