padi house

Padi House

Padi House is a house for those wanting to have a direct experience with Nature. Padi means rice field and this house used to be located eight feet above one. Now, surrounded by the sound of running water feeding the natural swimming pond, this house has a perfect, bird’s-eye view of the Sayan Valley and delicious organic permaculture gardens of Bambu Indah.

And while the exterior is Nature, the interior is Heaven, featuring lavish rugs from Morocco, fabrics from Indonesia, lacquerware from Burma, and well appointed antique furnishings.

Please note this house is large enough to accommodate a second bed if needed to allow 4 people to sleep comfortably. Extra charges apply.

padi-veranda padi-interior
padi-inside  padi-bathroom

Room Size: 630 X 430 cm

Bathroom Size: 530 X 150 cm

Mattress Size: 170 X 200 cm