Copper House and Moon House

Built on edges, overlooking at the  river and our spring water pools, our newly completed Copper house and Moon House are an invitation to immerse yourself in nature.

Walking through our original bamboo elevator and bamboo bridge and after a little Subak walk, you will find yourself elevated in exceptional spheres, surrounded by the powerful sound of the sacred Ayung river. The Copper and Moon houses are furnished with its own hand hammered copper bathtub, shower, kind size bed and air-conditioning.

Fantastic experiences can be organised exclusively for our guests on the river side, including private morning walks, Balinese blessing, private yoga class, romantic firelight dinner…’

You can immerse and experience our new houses and enquire via email to experience them:

The grounds are still under project so you should expect workers to be around the area as well as sometime noise related to their crafting work on the grounds as we are still improving the area on the riverside. 

Copper House

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Moon House:

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