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manis house

Manis House

This “sweet” or “manis” house is just that—sweet! But it can also mean, pretty, cute, and nicely done—all of these! This is the ideal house for the single traveller or a couple who likes to get cozy. It is efficiently designed with all of the style, luxury and comfort but on a smaller scale and price point. This lovely house receives a lot of natural light and has a large porch and deck facing the black bamboo Minang House. To the southwest is the view of the stunning river valley.

It features a table for outdoor dining or stargazing and cushions on the front porch for meditation or Nature watching close to the pool. The bathroom has a private secret rock garden with lots of light and freshness for your morning shower.

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Bambu Indah - Manis House bedroom - Djuna Ivereigh

Room Size: 270 X 280 cm

Bathroom Size: 320 X 200 cm

Mattress Size: 140 X 200 cm