Kuning House

kuning house

Kuning House

The cheeriest of all the houses, Kuning House or Yellow House is so named because of its yellow painted exterior and accents. The centrepiece of this house is the hand-carved heart above the door still proudly exhibiting its conception date of 1829, revealing the love and lasting care that it was built with from the Nobleman to his Princess Bride.

Enjoy the breezes from the front porch and sit three metres above ground from poolside with a view of the Sayan Ridge. The furnishings are comfortable, romantic, and charming; perfect for the happy couple or soulful writer who likes to be in the heart of things appreciating the history and warmth of a house well-loved.

Room Size: 480 X 340 cm

Bathroom Size: 200 X 500 cm

Mattress Size: 200 X 180 cm

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