kuning house

Kuning House

Kuning (‘Yellow’) House is raised up with a private wooden porch overlooking our natural water swimming pool and the sunset over the Sayan Valley.

This antique Javanese bridal house house features beautiful exterior paintings and interior design accents. The centre piece over the doorway is a hand-carved heart, still proudly displaying its construction date of 1829, revealing the love and lasting care with which Kuning House was built as a gift from a nobleman to his bride.

Kuning House is perfect for guests wishing to be in the centre of the Bambu indah property, appreciating the history and warmth of a house well-loved. It provides you with all comforts in romantic antique furniture that have stood the test of time, capturing magic and mystery.

Room Size: 480 X 340 cm

Bathroom Size: 200 X 500 cm

Mattress Size: 200 X 180 cm

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