kuda house

Kuda House

For the solo traveller with style, this mini-house provides all of the amenities needed for the guest who is too sophisticated for backpacker’s lodging. This is a quaint, private house all to oneself with a fantastic shower, close to Nature. This house is neighbour to Biru and Udang House if travelling with friends or family for those who prefer their own space. Kuda means horse and this is a model locale for the maverick who likes a combination of comfort and character.

BambuIndahKudaHouseTerrace Bambu Indah - Kuda House bedroom - Djuna IvereighBambu Indah - Kuda House interior - Djuna Ivereigh

Room Size: 210 X 360 cm

Bathroom Size: 150 X 360 cm

Mattress Size: 200 X 140 cm