kolam house

Kolam House

Our Kolam (‘Pond’) House is private and secluded in it’s own walled garden with pagoda chill out deck and stepping stones over to your front door. Built over a lush and verdant pond, full of fish, water hyacinth and lilies, you will sleep wonderfully to the peaceful sound of water fountains.

Kolam house is ideal for long stays as it has its own entry gate into your garden, multiple outside dining areas and a wrap around wooden porch.

The generous bathroom has an exquisite open air shower that surrounds you with jungle flora while you wash in spring water.


BambuIndahKolamHouseLivingRoom   Bambu Indah - Kolam House bathroom detail - Djuna IvereighBambuIndahKolamHouseBedView

Room Size: 360 X 530 cm

Bathroom Size: 520 X 200 cm

Mattress Size: 200 X 150 cm