Bambu Indah - Biru House bedroom entrance view - Djuna Ivereigh

biru house

Biru House

This colourful house–Biru means blue, is one of the most endearing on site. Set up two metres from the ground, accessed by steps, this house has an elevated view of the surrounding food gardens and is conveniently located next to our on-site restaurant Dapoer.

The front porch is a comfortable and private place to read a book, surf the net, watch the daily vegetable harvest, or learn a few Indonesian words from the staff. This is the ideal, comfortable, laid back spot for the solo traveler or a couple.

BambuIndahBiruHouseExterior Bambu Indah - Biru House bathroom - Djuna Ivereigh

Room Size: 390 X 390 cm

Bathroom Size: 200 X 300 cm

Mattress Size: 160 X 200 cm