village hikes

Bambu Indah is located on the Sayan Ridge, above the Ayung River in the village of Baung in Sayan and across the sawah (rice paddies) of Bongkasa. We invite you to explore and discover the property and our nearby villages, and enjoy its natural surroundings throughout your stay.

Explore the simplicity of village living, worship nature and work up a sweat with our guided two hours morning walk starting from 7am.

This morning walk is free, we only work with donation to support the team, the movement and to grow it further.

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Bambu Indah looks out to one of the most beautiful views at any time of the day. The landscape is ever changing and the local farmers are constantly cultivating the harvest in the rice paddies. You are welcome to enjoy a nature hike through the river and rice fields starting from Bambu Indah and through nearby villages.


On a clear day, the 3 peaks of Mount Batur are in view. Enjoy our beautiful sunsets from the ridge deck, Minang House, your front door or from atop the tree house!


At 75 km, Ayung River is the longest river in Bali and it runs from the northern mountain ranges to Sanur. It is revered as a holy river and is accessible from the hotel via a downhill path. Depending on the season, it can be navigated via river raft.


Many native plants and animals are living at Bambu Indah with us. You may see lizards, geckos, frogs and snakes throughout the property. Bring a torch with you during the night and explore!