responsible living

We’re proud to offer a responsible lifestyle coupled with modern comforts and customized services.


Bambu Indah combines the use of restored antique houses with much newer structures built with sustainable bamboo. Instead of using concrete foundations, stilted buildings can ultimately be moved or removed with little impact to the ground. Our designs also promote use of natural light, ventilation and passive cooling with the use of open air spaces, pitched ceilings, and stilted buildings. Traditional thatching requires the careful maintenance of local craftsmen.


We use lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which operates to naturally cleanse, filter and oxygenate the water and nurture beneficial bacteria. A water flow system and high-density polyethylene liner, which can be recycled after 60 years of life, creates a natural pool that does not use chlorine, algaecides or cement.

While we intend to lower our impact and protect our environment, our surrounding food gardens and our valuable guests from aggressive products, a natural pool comes with its challenges. The natural algae can grow sometimes faster, giving a green colour to our pool. Therefore, in order to maintain our pool the best way, we conduct a deep pool cleaning once a month, emptying it and filling in with regenerated water. It usually takes a full day and our guest are able to swim in new water the following day. While we always recommend our guests to enjoy a river bath during this day, reconnecting with the wild nature and experiencing the Balinese way of living, we welcome you to enquire about our pool maintenance before arrival, shall you feel your experience would be affected.


Bambu Indah strives to minimize waste production without sacrificing quality and experience. To avoid contributing to plastic waste, our water has been filtered through a hospital standard triple filter water system, making our water safe to drink from the tap.


To reduce the amount of water and energy used, Bambu Indah promotes linen and towel reuse. Linens are replaced every 5 days for long stay guests, or upon request.


The water from our showers drain into our soil and feed our groundwater systems. As such, organic bath products are offered to guests for use while staying with us.


Our houses have many windows that can be opened for a natural cross breeze and high ceilings that allow for passive cooling. For those who wish for additional cooling, air conditioners and fans are available in our houses.


Bambu Indah recycles and composts all of its rubbish to divert as much waste as possible from growing landfills.


To minimize light pollution, which can negatively impact animals and flight paths of native birds, we use a low amount of landscape lighting in the evening to line our paths. Guests are provided with flashlights to help guide them across the grounds in the night.


We offer organic mosquito repellent and incense in each room.


Bambu Indah is a non-smoking hotel.


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Bambu Indah won the award for the 2013 HICAP Sustainable Operations Award. The HICAP Sustainable Hotel Awards were launched in 2007 with the aim of recognizing hotel operators and developers in the Asia Pacific region who demonstrate exemplary sustainable practices and environmentally and culturally responsible development.

2013 panel of judges:
Robert Day, Vice President, WATG
Lyndall DeMarco, Managing Director, Only Sustainability Pty Ltd
Marie de Longcamp, Director, Conservation Finance, World Wildlife Fund
Dr Harold Goodwin, Director, International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Leeds Metropolitan University
John Graham, Principal Specialist, Environmental, Social and Governance Department, International Finance Corporation
Klaus Lengefeld, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Tourism, GIZ – German Technical Corporation